In sales you need to concentrate on building rapport to ensure that you get the most out of every conversation with your customers. Why not try the following tips for sales success

Step 1. Positive Language

Avoid apologetic language like ‘Sorry to trouble you’. It puts you on the back foot straight away. Remember you have something to offer them.

2. Don’t be too pushy!!!

Listen to what your customer’s needs are and let them know how your product personally benefits them.

Step 3. Build trust

Deliver your products and service with the utmost integrity. Build an open and honest relationship with them, that way they will trust you and buy again.

Step 4. The right behaviour

Ensure you go into every sales conversation with a positive behaviours. This will help you build rapport and most importantly increase your chances of selling your product.

Step 5. Ask yourself that important question

Would you buy from you? Really - seriously. If by a twist of fate you ended up being sold to by you would you be happy?

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