When delivering a message, consider these body language tips, to ensure you come across as a more confident presenter. They will help you to get your point across effectively, as the audience will see someone who looks assertive.

1. Good eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with your audience is a very effective way of using body language in communication. By doing this, you can see the reaction and state of mind of a person while you are delivering your speech. You can practically tell if they are bored or tired, so you can change topic to wake them up. Eye contact will also gain trust and show sincerity and a belief in what you are talking about to your team.

2. Hand Gestures

Using hand gestures is another useful body language in communication. It can display your message to an individual into something that they can picture in their minds. Sometimes, people get bored listening when the speaker is just rambling on and on. Gestures can practically remove the boredom from your audience, replacing it with real interest with every word you make.

3. Keep a strong posture

How would you react if you see a speaker fidget and tremble while they are delivering their speech to the public? Doing this can lead to a lack of confidence and credibility immediately with your team.

4. Avoid closed body language

Crossing arms or legs, putting your hands into pockets and looking away will immediately switch your people off. Use open body language alongside a strong posture, eye contact and gestures to fully engage your audience.

5. Be expressive

Be able to express a number of messages without saying a word. Unlike some forms of non-verbal communication, facial expressions are universal. The facial expressions for happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust are the same for everybody. Use these effectively as a powerful way to reinforce or get your message across.

Use these and get feedback on your style and you will be on your way to being an professional and effective presenter.

You can see these techniques in practice in the video tips section.

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