You'll know the feeling. It's time for the fifth presentation of the day. The audience sits back in anticipation of yet another display of 'death by PowerPoint'. Bullet point after bullet point! Arrgghh!!!!!

death by powerpoint

Fear not, there is another way!! Follow these tips and you will avoid the traps many fall into.

1. Don't use powerpoint!

There we have said it. At evalu8d we very rarely use powerpoint to present any information on our training workshops and to clients. Mainly because most other presenters and trainers rely so heavily on it. Use flipchart, whiteboard or handouts instead.

If, however, you need to or are expected to use it read on... after all, used properly powerpoint is a fantastic tool.

2. Less is more

Do not bombard your audience with too many slides, if you are into double figures you probably will have too many slides for a short presentation. Remember the focus is on you presenting the information, nothow many slides your audience can read.

3. 7x7 rule

For bulleted slides stick to a 6x6 or 7x 7 rule. That is 7 bullet points, with a maximum of 7 words. Add the detail to a handout, not the slide.

4. Use autoshapes instead of bullet lists

Use text boxes and autoshapes (with text in) instead of a bulleted list. If you are unsure how to do this check out the How to use PowerPoint guide

5. Powerpoint is not your autocue

For some strange reason many presenters like to read their slides from the screen like a giant autocue. It is important to know what is on your slide and always face the audience. If you need to see what is on your slide look at the laptop not the screen.

6. Break from the norm

In designing your slides think about making them different, use a mix of pictures, graphs, video and bullets. Most presenters start with the obligatory title slide, with their name and title of presentation. Avoid this, in fact do not start your presentation with a slide showing at all. Face front, be confident and present!!

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