You will by now, have been putting onto practice our first five time management tips to help you become more productive. Well here are some more to let you take it up a level!

1. Don't procrastinate
It's easy to put off tasks you have. Avoid letting things slide and do not procrastinate or put things off. Often we mull a task over and over, putting it off, and the task sometimes grows arms and legs! Don't delay just do it.

2. Schedule time for yourself
In your diary make sure you book a slot for your own time, to ensure you get time to plan and prepare for other meetings and tasks. In addition book in regular 'admin days' to catch up on expenses, reports, and planning time. Make sure this is booked out in your electronic diary too!

3. Adopt a 'do not disturb' system with colleagues
We are often interrupted unnecessarily when our colleagues see us at a desk. Mistakenly they think that now is the right time to chat and catch up on the latest goss! When actually you have preparation for a meeting to complete. Agree a system (don't just do on own accord) with your colleagues for example a makeshift 'do not disturb sign' giving a 30 minute 'do not disturb' period. We've seen this work really well when agreed across the team.

4. Create objective driven agendas
When holding a meeting send out an agenda with objectives on to ensure the sessions are most meaningful. If the session does not have a clear objective then it should not be part of the meeting. This dramatically cuts down the amount of wasted time spent in meetings.

5. Daily clear down

At the start (or end of each day) have a daily clear down of those tasks that keep rolling over. Build this into each day, short timed spells to get things done. Set a target, for example 'in 20 minutes I will read and action all emails in my inbox' or 'I will have completed my expenses in by 850am' The shorter the better to build in more energy.

Here's even more time management tips for you, if you've got time!!

even more Time Management Tips

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