Ever wondered why some colleagues seem to get all of the praise? Feel as though you and your team do not get the credit they deserve? Then try some of the activities we have listed for you below.

5 activities to raise your profile.

1. Change your mindset.
If you do not market yourself and your team, then you will be relying on others to do it for you. This is a risky strategy. Don’t be too bashful or modest; make sure that for all the hard work you do that your peers, colleagues and management team know about it. We are not talking here of being ‘big headed’ find your own ways to promote you.

2. Avoid the overuse of email.
We get bombarded by email and if you have a compelling story to tell or success to share then avoid the use of email. Pick up the phone; meet face to face, before using email. You can provide a better story of how you are doing without email.

3. Be heard in meetings.
When we are nervous we often do not have the confidence to speak up in meetings. And let’s be honest sometimes it’s hard to get a word in edgeways with our colleagues!! So prepare something in advance of the next meeting you attend. You could try verbally supporting a colleagues point, or sharing an idea you have had. Perhaps ask a question to clarify a point that others look confused on. If you are sat silently thinking through it may give the impression that you are not engaged. So practice how to contribute more. (also see how to increase your confidence)

4. Network with colleagues.
Build your network internally (and externally for that matter) with colleagues. Introduce yourself in meetings. Yet again avoid the use of email when dealing with colleagues, have a conversation with them on the projects you are involved with. The more people you know in your organisation, the more will know just how much you contribute. Social networking like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook will also help here.

5. Deliver results.
If you are seen to be delivering results for your organisation you will get noticed. So consider the key business areas that you can make a difference in and deliver. Don’t forget to promote your success as in point 1.

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