Here are some useful tips to help you set objectives

1. Focus on a single goal at a time

Having your fingers in every pie can broaden your focus, but it will keep you from concentrating on the important issues. Focus on a single target at a time to make it more manageable and achievable.

2. What or who inspires you?

Look at someone who has achieved the same target and find out how they did it. If there is something they overcame, how did others do it? Find inspiration from these people and ask for their support.

3. Find others who share the same goals

This is a learning opportunity and a chance to help and be helped. There are probably many people who have the same targets and objectives, so pool together and share.

4. Explore different ways to achieve

Whenever we set targets, we usually come up with a specific plan for achieving them. But sometimes that plan just doesn't work out. If your first thought is to give up on the target, find another way to achieve it.

5. Break the objective down

A lot of targets are abandoned because they are too big and vague so break the target down into smaller tasks. Choose a measurable action and understand what successful completion looks like.

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