Here are 5 tips to help you develop high performers, and increase their contribution to the bottom line of your business. No matter how well the individual is currently performing, these tips will help you build a team of high performing individuals.

1. Ensure they have clarity of objectives

Take the time with them to ensure they understand the business goals, and how the individual can contribute to meeting these. To ensure this at their next 1-2-1 ask them to talk through their objectives, what they mean and how they can contribute. If you've not done so already get them to identify their own objectives being specific as possible as to what they will do and in what time.

2. Increase team accountability

Each team member should be responsible and accountable for their own performance. Ask them at their next 1-2-1 to identify 5 actions they will complete to meet performance objectives, over the few next weeks. Don't impose ideas onto the individual, ask them for ways forward. Ask the team (at your next team meeting if you have a team) to explore 3 actions that they will work on to improve team performance.

3. Make performance management and coaching part of every day

All too often performance management is something that 'has to be done', a formal process rather than something with is incorporated into daily routine. There should be no surprise in a performance management review, so ensure you have 1-2-1 and regular coaching and mentoring sessions formally and informally. As a minimum we recommend a monthly review, a weekly conversation and or update. The more formal and informal conversations you have, will increase progress against objectives. Oh, and never, cancel a 1-2-1 as this can send out a signal that it is not important. If it needs to be rescheduled, put it in the diary for the next few days, not next month.

4. Get the individual to assess their own progress against performance.

Encourage each individual to assess how they are doing against performance objectives. Ensure there is a reporting structure in place (and we don't mean Masses and masses of additional paperwork or process here). By reporting their progress individual's performance will vastly improve.

5. Build a committed rather then compliant team members.

If you have a team of unwilling and unable team members they will simply not contribute as much as a willing and skilful team. Don't hide away if a member of the team is not performing, address it head on, ask them for ways in which they will improve.

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