Here some tips to save you time when using MS Office.

1. Moving an image/picture/clipart in Word.

Word, mmmph! Well it is a good package, don't get me wrong, however it has some annoying defaults, especially when using pictures/clipart and the like. Let's take the scenario of dropping in an image into your document. The default for Word is to align that image with the text, Microsoft being helpful here, (!) however many of us do not want the image precisely at that point. So here is how to move around.

i - Paste or insert your picture

ii - Right click on the picture

iii - Select Format Picture or Text Wrapping if using later versions of Word

iv - Change the Layout to 'Behind the text' or 'Through'

Hey Presto you will now be able to move the image around!

Here's a short video showing you how

2. Use Align/Distribute.

To more easily align things in MS Office packages like Word and PowerPoint, you can use the Align and Distribute function. Depending on what version of MS Office you are using the following instructions will vary, however the functions are the same.

To align or distribute items equally as per the left part of the diagram below, start by selecting/highlighting all the items you want to move. Then ->

a) click on the Draw (ALT+r) at the bottom of the page Older versions or

b) click Format>Arrange in Newer versions on PowerPoint/Word

You can then align and distribute the image as below (right). In this example we have used Align Centre to centre the items, and Distribute Vertically to equally space out the items. Align picture in word image

3. Use Tabs and Tables.
Many people use spaces to align things in Word/PowerPoint. To see what people have been up to see our show/hide ¶ tips. Avoid this by using Tabs and or Tables. If using Tables you can equally distribute the column and row width for added neatness. To do this simply

i - older version of word change in Table Properties by change the width and height of each column and row to the same.

ii - newer versions of Word, select/highlight the rows/columns and then click on Layout, then distribute rows or columns.


4. The dreaded extra page in Word!
Lets face it, go on admit it, you just throw this additional paper away recycle this page don't you?! Well let this happen no more!!! Reduce your carbon footprint, by stopping printing that extra page.

To do this again turn on show/hide ¶ tips then you will see on the extra page there will be at least one ¶. Simply delete these from the last page (a mix of using delete and backspace key will do it). And Bob's your Uncle, you have contributed to saving one page every time this document is printed!! Carbon footprint reduction - Done!

Here's a video tutorial to show you how - click full screen to view correctly

5. Mastering the Portrait/Landscape/Portrait combo in Word!
Simple, just use the force, Luke use the force! Or then again, try this.

To do this you will need to use Section Breaks, in addition to page breaks. Ready here we go.

First - guess what, that's right turn on show/hide!

a) The underneath where insert 2 new pages, trust me on this one I'm a trainer!!

b) Let's assume you now have page 1, 2 and 3.

c) Go to page 1 and at the bottom, after the last ¶ inset a section break.

d) Then got to page 2 and press return a couple of times again trust me on this one!

e) Then go to the bottom of page 2 after the last ¶ insert another section break.

f) On page 2 then edit the header, removing and make sure the Same as Previous Tab is unselected.

g) Repeat f) for the footer.

h) on Page 2 change the page layout to landscape/portrait the opposite to page 1 and 3, in our example. (If option displays select - Do this for this section only!)

Et Voila!! Job done

We trust these will save you time.

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