Here's a list of common shortcuts for a PC and MAC when using Microsoft Office applications.

These can also apply to other applications and programmes, for example in Browsers

Key - Powerpoint = Word = Excel =
Applies to all if not specified

You can also download a handout of this reference

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PC Mac What it does
A Ctrl + A CMD + A Selects All
B Ctrl + B CMD + B Bold
C Ctrl + C CMD + C Copy
D Ctrl + D CMD + D Duplicate Fill Down Font Settings
E Ctrl + E CMD + E Centre Text Flash Fill
F Ctrl + F CMD + F Find Navigation
G Ctrl + G CMD + G Go to
H Ctrl + H CMD + H (Find and) Replace
I Ctrl + I CMD + I Italic
J Ctrl + J CMD + J Justify align text
K Ctrl + K CMD + K Insert Hyperlink
L Ctrl + L CMD + L Left align text Create Table
M Ctrl + M CMD + M Indent paragraph New Slide
N Ctrl + N CMD + N New Document
O Ctrl + O CMD + O Open
P Ctrl + P CMD + P Print
Q Ctrl + Q CMD + Q Remove paragraph formatting Quick Analysis Quit
R Ctrl + R CMD + R Right align text Fill Right
S Ctrl + S CMD + S Save
T Ctrl + T CMD + T Create hanging indent Font Settings Create Table
U Ctrl + U CMD + U Underline
V Ctrl + V CMD + V Paste
W Ctrl + W CMD + W Close
X Ctrl + X CMD + X Cut
Y Ctrl + Y CMD + Y Re-do / Repeat last action
Z Ctrl + Z CMD + Z Un-do

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