As a Manager you have an important role to play in the changes faced. Here are some additional tips to support you and your team.

1. Don't spend too much time talking over things that they have no control over

If you can’t influence it then move on. If you are cascading some information on things that are changing then using phrases such as "We can't change it but we can make the best out of it" helps to move people in the right direction.

2. Challenge the negative people

Resistance is not always a negative thing, it's how some people do it that can cause issues. Challenge these people to be specific. For example "I understand your opinion but tell me exactly why you believe  the change won't work".

3. Look for solutions

Where you have resistant people it is always worth trying to see if they can come up with a suitable solution. Take the time to listen and what you will be aiming for is commitment and not compliance to the change.

4. Sell the benefits

The first question that most people will ask is "What's in it for me?". Let people know how this will impact them and focus on the personal features and benefits. Talk to them and involve them in the discussion.

5. Be an effective leader

Setting up regular communications and updates with the team will keep them informed and will prevent any gossip. Where possible take the time to explain the reasons for the change and be visible as the leader of the team.

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