By increasing staff motivation and engagement, you can directly increase the energy levels, interest, desire and productivity, which can lead to increased productivity and profit. It can be argued that one person cannot motivate another, that it is only possible to motivate 'yourself'. However as a Leader we can definitely 'demotivate' so here are some tips to get things right in your team. Motivated teams of people far out perform other teams, no matter how qualified they are.

Top tips for motivating your people include;

1. What works for them?
Find out what motivates your team members individually and set challenges and targets that align with them.

2. Develop the right culture
Create a rewarding environment where people can feel valued, empowered and engaged and you will have a motivated team.

3. Coach and train for success
Invest in people - and they will invest in you. Take the time to hold meaningful coaching and training sessions and what you will get in return will be a highly motivated and highly skilled team.

4. Understand how to thank people, so they feel thanked
Motivating people is not just about rewarding and incentivising but also about making people feel valued. Never forget the impact that a sincere 'Thank You' has on people.

5. Maintain integrity and honesty
Being honest, open and trustworthy are vital components for any leader when creating a motivated team. Break their trust and you will see all of your hard work diminish.

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