Here are some hints to get the most out of your short buzz sessions and update meetings

1. Start on time
Let everyone know what time and where the meeting is. If somebody is late then begin and get somebody to update them later.

2. Get them prepared before
Send out a schedule beforehand to get them thinking prior to them arriving.

3. Focus on the objective
Start working straight away on what you want to achieve. If you only have a short time you don’t want to spend the time getting sidetracked.

4. Create energy
Where possible get people stood up. This will make them feel more energised and more likely to contribute.

5. Get everyone involved
Facilitate well throughout. Bring people in and listen to everyone’s ideas and opinions.

6. Don’t dwell on the past
DONT focus too much time on the current situation, issue or problem. Move on quickly to generating ideas and solutions.

7. Notes and actions
Wherever possible encourage people to take notes and record actions. It hands over the ownership and responsibility to them.

8. Keep time
Be aware of how much time you have. Structure the meeting to achieve the objective and appoint a timekeeper if you have to.

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