Here are a few activities to try with your team members to ensure they each understand their role

1. Create a skills matrix

Create a skills matrix which has all the key tasks and activities from the role holder. This can be done either as a team exercise, or on an individual basis (where there is only one job holder). Once the skills matrix is mapped out, ask each individual to assess their competence on each activity, as their manager you can do the same. Any gaps in expected competence can then be discussed and eradicated. This is a very useful exercise to ensure the role holder gets to know their role.

2. Priorities exercise

Prior to a team meeting or 1-to-1 ask the role holder(s) to read through their role profile (including objectives and competencies). Then at the meeting set a task to identify 3 key priorities that must be delivered within the next 1- 3 months. Once identified they should then drilled down to specific actions that will be carried out to meet the priorities.

3. Job sharing

Encourage job sharing, or if that is not possible or appropriate, get team members to shadow each other for a day (or half day). This will encourage greater understanding of each others roles and an appreciation of each others priorities.

4. Multiskilling

From the skills matrix exercise (or role profile) involve the team in identifying the areas that each individual can multi-skill (multi-skill is where 2 or more individuals can competently complete a particular task). This ensures a stronger team and cover for when a particular team member is absent.

NB Its a good idea to get your HR team involved in this process too.

Without totally clarity many team members are unable to successfully complete tasks and activities to meet objectives. Unless you have individuals that are proactive they will not seek out ways to close the gaps in competence, therefore these exercises will assist you and the team members in understanding what needs to be done.

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