Here's some additional ways to engage your team, that build on our engaging team tips.

1. Managing expectations

Clearly set out what is expected from your team members and what they can expect to receive in return but most importantly meet these expectations. Where employees feel their employer is keeping the promises they feel were made to them, positive behaviours will follow. For example organisational commitment, increased job satisfaction and increased productivity. Where employees perceive that employers are breaking promises they believe were made it can lead to them feeling disengaged, dissatisfied and de-motivated.

2. Performance management and feedback

High performing employees want to stay with high performing organisations. A performance management culture is necessary to identify development needs and let go of those team members who are not performing at the required level. Employees who are appraised by managers who understand the specifics of their role and who give specific and objective feedback are also less likely to be disengaged.

3. Reward and Recognition

Not everyone is motivated by financial incentives but the key is to establish what works for your team. It is not always the size of the reward but its relation to the work that has been done and whether it is perceived as fair.

4. Consistent Management

If you treat your team members in an inconsistent fashion it is likely to lead to job dissatisfaction. Managers should be highly skilled in dealing with people and have a management style, which is consistent across all employees.

5. Career development prospects

Not all employees strive to become the next chief executive but for those that are looking to move up the career ladder, having clear career development opportunities is critical to engagement. Those who do not see opportunities available to them will withdraw commitment and motivation and in most cases will seek opportunities at other organisations


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