As managers you have a significant impact on employee engagement and play a key role in sustaining it and undoubtedly can turn it off. Here are some more  tips on how to support employee engagement and maximise your team’s performance.

1. Talk to your team

Communicate with your team members about whats happening in the business, about the team, and importantly, about them as individuals. Get to know your team members. What is important to them? Don’t just play lip service to this, they will know, so be genuine! Remember they are each unique, just as you are, so they might not like the same things, feel the same way or want the same things!

2. Listen and involve

Hear them – listen to what they say, seek their thoughts and don’t just dismiss their views, opinions and ideas. Who knows, they may even have some great undiscovered ideas !!!! Empower them to make decisions and take ownership of projects.

3. Make time for your team.

Ensure you are available to members of your team when they need you.

4. Have fun!

Might sound odd, however, having fun at work breeds excitement and energy and these are some of the key signals of engaged employees. Imagine an excited employee talking to a customer versus a disheartened employee talking to one, which customer do you think would come back again?

5. Actively support them in their development

Seek opportunities and ways to help them grow and reach their goals. If you don’t know what their goals are, find out!

6. Provide the right tools

Ensure they have everything they need to do the job and do it to the best of their ability. They will not feel engaged if they are not achieving because they do not have the skills or the systems in place.

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