Interviewing is an important aspect of a managers role. Get it wrong and you could be creating huge people issues. Also you can face a minefield, as there is a lot of legislation that covers recruitment/interviewing. Here are some tips to help managers:

1) Prior to the interview and 2) What to do during the interview.

1. Ensure you have clear understanding of job your are interviewing for
Prior to recruiting ensure you have clarity of the role you are interviewing for. Understand the key responsibilities, scope and accountabilities. Also get to know the competencies of the role. Prepare this well in advance so you know what you are looking for from the candidate in the interview.

2. Plan out your questions
Link your questions to the job description in point 1. Don't use hypothetical questions. Use questions that will allow you to test the persons ability to do the job. So don't say "what would you do with....."  Say "give me a specific example of where you have..."

3. Get a room!!
Ensure you have a room booked. Its best to get a do not disturb sign for the room to to prevent any unwanted interruptions. Seating arrangement is important too. Go for a 90degree angle, as this will help to create the right atmosphere.

4. Appoint a note taker
It will be difficult for you to interview and take notes, especially if you want to build rapport with the candidate, and listen to their answers. So have a fully competent note taker, who takes notes, and doesn't ask questions!

5. Prepare the candidate
There is nothing worse than having to interview an unprepared candidate. This may be because you have not given them the correct information in the first place. Ensure they have the job description, a flavour to the interview process. Consider what information they will need to be able to best showcase and explain their talents.

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