Here are 10 phrases to use with your customers, that will let them feel that you are delivering a good service and that you really do care, resulting in higher NPS, whether face to face (F2F) or over the phone (OTP). Some are subtle. Blend into your call / interaction either at the bigging middle or end.

Don't just say these for the sake of saying, you must mean it!

Phrase 1. I can resolve this for you.

Phrase 2. I'll do all I can to resolve this for you.

Phrase 3. As a valuable customer to me I want to make sure that I get this resolved for you today.

Phrase 4. Let me look into this for you, I want to resolve this for you.

Phrase 5. I just want my customers to feel I've done everything in my powers to resolve issuses.

Phrase 6. My sole aim is to resolve this and gain your recommendation.

Phrase 7. It means a lot when my customers say I'd be happy to recommend.

Phrase 8. I value my customers opinions and hopefully you are happy to recommend [me][Company]?

Phrase 9. I trust you are happy to recommend the service I've given today.

Phrase 10.I take pride in my customers saying I'd reommend [Name][Company].

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