Here are 10 phrases to use with your customers, that will let them feel that you are delivering a good service and that you really do care, whether face to face (F2F) or over the phone (OTP).

By no means is this an exhaustive list!

Don't just say these for the sake of saying, you must mean it!

Phrase 1. I can fix this for you.

Phrase 2. I'm just going to put look at your account (and discuss with my colleague/manager) to get to the bottom of this. (OTP - I'll need to put you on hold, are you ok to hold?)

Phrase 3. Just to recap/summarise what will happen next is........

Phrase 4. So what your saying is, [the goods arrived damaged, and you have reported this twice to us already]

Phrase 5. Ok let me make sure that doesn't happen again to you, so what I will do is..... (good link to number 4)

Phrase 6. I am sorry you feel let down by our service, let me do all I can to resolve this for you.

Phrase 7. I can do that for you.

Phrase 8. Good morning Madam/Sir or Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mr, or use the name they provide.

Phrase 9. That shouldn’t have happened, let me look into that for you.

Phrase 10. I am sorry you feel that way.

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