Below are some handy tips to help display a more assertive body language.

Being assertive through body language

1. Maintain eye contact.

This will show a genuine interest and also shows sincerity. If you are trying to make a point while looking at the floor some people may deem this as a lack of confidence or sometimes honesty.

2. Have a strong body posture.

This indicates strength and helps to display confidence. Slumping and being fidgety can be perceived as nervousness and can undermine your position in any discussion.

3. Use gestures to support your view.

This is a great way of emphasising and reinforcing any point in a discussion. Be careful not to overuse these in a way that may be deemed aggressive

4. Avoid crossing legs.

Crossing your legs means you will be off balance. It can also be perceived as timid / shy.

5. Be on the front foot.

Try not to fade into the background within the group. Take a step forward to introduce yourself and get involved..

6. Handshake.

A handshake is a good sign of your confidence. Not too hard, not too weak - just right!

NB: Be mindful, that some cultures have different customs when it comes to shaking of hands. Consider local customs

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