An effective communicator can grasp people's attention, inspire, and gain buy. Here's some things you can do to be a better communicator.

1. Know your subject

A good communicator knows what they are talking or writing about. Being clear about the topic being discussed is essential for effective communication. Vagueness will bore the audience and will result in wasted effort, frustration and a lack of interest.

2. Be focused

What you say should be clear, crisp and to the point. Digressing or ‘beating about the bush’ will lose you your audience, fast. There is also the danger of sounding or seeming unsure of yourself or your ideas and this will result in a loss of credibility.

3. Less is more

Say what you have to say in short, straight and simple sentences. Use simple vocabulary that is relevant and specific to your audience.

4. Know your audience

Be aware that what you say and how you say it should be tailored for the kind of audience you are addressing. If your target audience is adult or children, managers or front line staff, you may want to adapt your content and style accordingly. Say what is directly relevant and useful to your audience. Ensure that it is of interest to them and will benefit them.

5. Get feedback

Ask for or get feedback to know how successful you have been in communicating and getting your ideas across. This will help make you even better at good communication in the future

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