Here are 5 questions to ask if someone is not performing. Ask these questions of yourself, and the coachee.

1. Do they have clear objectives?
Is the reason that they are seemingly underperforming because they are not really sure what they are supposed to be achieving? Any targets or objectives should be SMART and there should be a clear understanding of not just what, but also how they are going to achieve them.

2. Do they have clear direction?
It is important that your team members fully understand the organisation, department, team and individual objectives to be able to meet them. They need to know how they contribute to them to feel truly engaged, committed and valued.

3. Do they have the correct knowledge and technical competence?
Are you providing all of the training, coaching and support necessary for them to be a success? It is too easy to be critical without fully investigating the reasons why. Are you sacrificing some of these things because of workload pressures?

4. Are they committed to the task?
If it was coming out of your pocket would you pay people that were not truly committed to the organisation? Spend time withyour team members finding out what motivates them and what you can do to make them more engaged and committed.

5. Are the right support and systems in place?
Are you providing everything for them to make them successful? Do they have all of the correct IT systems, support functions, and processes to meet their objectives? If not is that affecting their ability to meet their objectives ?
Take the time to look at these things and if you are giving them every opportunity then perhaps it is time for the next step in the performance management process

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