Although there are many reasons for coaching we believe there are two different types of coaching.

Let's explore these types in more detail.


Supporting an individual to reach personal goals & develop new skills and competencies


Helping an individual resolve performance issues and to meet required standards

Development Coaching

jennyMeet Jenny - Jenny is a really valuable member of the team.

She works hard, plays by the rules, and above all she is a consistent performer. Her results show for themselves, she is on target month after month.

In her recent 1-to-1 she expressed an interest in going for a promotion in another team, something you feel she is more than capable of.

Jenny needs a development coach, someone to help her define goals, and map out her route to promotion.

A development coach will guide her to find the right path.

Development coaching helps in the following situations

  • Helping someone move to another role
  • Develop new skills, where they are performing to standard elsewhere.
  • Learning new tasks
  • Preparing for secondment

Performance Coaching

rickMeet Rick - Rick is struggling and has been for a while. Perhaps he's been in a bit of personal denial.

Rick needs a performance coach, and a clearly defined plan of action, to move towards meeting his targets.

He's recently joined your team, and this once stronger performer has not managed to hit target for 3 months, his performance is spiralling out of control.

A performance coach will support Rick to get back on track.

Performance coaching helps in the following situations

  • Helping team member get to required standard
  • New starters
  • Challenging, demotivated staff
  • Unruly team member

In my own view it is easier to coach someone who requires development coaching, than someone who has performance issues. Often the person with the performance issue is someone who lacks the desire, energy and drive to resolve things on their own. Therefore they look to others to give them answers. It is trickier to coach this type of individual as they can be closed and resistant. This is when we most need to coach!

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