In my observations of 'coaching sessions', it sometimes feels more like a tell session than coaching, here the 'coach' is not in control, but yet they still believe what they have performed was 'coaching'.

It may walk like a duck, talk like a duck, but it is not a duck!

This delusion helped me coin the 3 different types of Coaches that I come across. I'll admit to being all of them at some stage. Once I got a strong framework for coaching, I felt so much more confident as a coach, and coaching became that much more valuable. If you understand what coaching is, or isn't, if you truly 'get' the different types of coaching, if you can stop the compelling urge to give the coachee the answer, then you too, will be a Master Coach one day!

Type 1 – Master Coach

A coach that ‘gets it’, and can coach no matter what level the coachee is at, or how they perform or behave.

Type 2 – The Coach

A coach that ‘gets it’, coaches normal and high performers, but struggles with low performers, reverting back to ‘tell

Type 3 - Pseudo Coach

A ‘coach’ (we use that name loosely) that says they ‘get it’, but goes straight into ‘tell mode’, no matter what level of coachee.

The question is which one are you?

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