Here are 20 powerful questions to add to your coaching toolkit. We have divided them into 4 sections, to help you structure your session. They are in no particular order, just choose the one's you feel will work best.

The questions ensure that the Coachee puts forward ways of improving their own performance. They apply to development coaching, performance management reviews, performance coaching, and one to ones and allow the Coach to encourage more ideas, actions and ownership from the Coachee.

WARNING: Please do not subject your Coachee to all of them at once!!

Identifying current performance – where are they now?

1. What successes have you had since we last met?
2. How are you doing on this task?
3. Tell me how you are doing this month?
4. Talk me through how you did last month.
5. What have you been proud of this last month?

Defining objectives - where they need to be?

6. How will you know when you have achieved it?
7. How will you measure your success?
8. When do you aim to have achieved this?
9. How do you want to feel in XX months/weeks?
10. What different things will people see/hear?

Identifying actions - how do they get there?

11. What can you do to influence this?
12. What steps do you need to take?
13. How can you turn it around?
14. Talk me through the steps/actions you will take.
15. If you did one thing to improve what would it be?

Checking progress - How are they doing?

16. What will you do to keep me updated?
17. How frequently do you want to meet to discuss this?
18. How will you track progress?
19. What are your milestones?
20. When will you be able to show me how things are going?

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