Here are some tips if you've ever wondered how to become a more effective coach

1. Make time to coach

Managers often say they are too busy with paperwork, administrative issues, meetings, or whatever to coach their employees. Poor individual performance is the result of employees at whatever level repeating the same mistakes, ignoring the consequences of previous mistakes, or being oblivious to the fact that mistakes are being made. These mistakes, errors, or whatever you want to call them, are costing your organisation and coaching can help to overcome these.

2. Focus on performance rather than careers

Too often we observe coaching sessions where performance issues are overlooked as managers or coaches focus on the career development of their team members. It is important to prioritise and focus on getting the performance coaching right first and then move on to the important career development after.

3. Master Coaches

We have trained numerous Master Coaches in organisations we work with, this helps embed the coaching culture. Take the time to work with these champions, giving them the correct skills and giving them clear guidelines and objectives. Frequently we see new starters being sat with what is considered to be an expert on the team to coach them. Just because they are good at their job does not mean they are a good coach, often the reverse is the case, they may be good instructors.

4. On the spot coaching

Coaching does not always have to be scheduled in. Sometimes you may pick things up as you walk through the office and overhear calls or conversations. On the spot coaching can be a very effective way of dealing with an issue quickly so that it doesn't grow as you have to wait for a more formal session.

5. Challenge assumptions

Together, list the rules and assumptions that you’ve made about the situation. Go down the list, one by one, and question them. “Who says that this can’t be changed?” “What could be done differently?” Often issues are not overcome because you hear "that's how it has always been done".

If you are not coaching all of your employees regularly, you are missing opportunities to help them, help you and your organisation excel.

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