Here is a simple checklist to ensure that meetings run to plan, explaining what to do at the Start, During and at the End.

It helps those who have to run sessions for example - Team Meetings, Project Meetings, Inductions, Training, Presentations, Briefings, Informal Meetings, Formal Meetings.

You can download a copy of this pdf Meeting Checklist (352 KB) , which also contains a handy grid for capturing attendees names.


  • Run through agenda
  • Reiterate purpose
  • Establish ground-rules
  • Explain roles and responsibilities
  • Confirm domestics
  • Clarify timings


  • Keep people involved
  • Stick to the agenda
  • Ask open question
  • Manage distractions and distractors
  • Keep to time
  • Ensure actions and minutes are captured


  • Summarise actions
  • Explain any next steps
  • Clarify next meeting, if any
  • Confirm your actions, if any
  • Thank participants
  • Clean and tidy (participants and you!)

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