Ever been in that disruptive meeting, that was out of control? Taking on a new team that have a bad reputation when it comes to meeting etiquette. This article is designed to help you engage and involve people in meetings.

These tips will help you avoid the 'what a waste of time feeling' the next time you hold a meeting. Follow these to ensure your avoid attending pointless meetings

1. Don't run one

If you had to pay for this meeting out of your own pocket, would you? Is it worth the money? If not then why run the meeting, look for alternate methods.

2. Request confirmation

Unless you get confirmation from all participants, do not run the meeting. Otherwise there will be no shows.

3. Replacement policy

To ensure the meeting goes ahead, if participants cannot attend, they must send a 'competent' replacement, who has the 'authority to act'.

4. Avoid minutes

Going over old ground in the from of the last meetings minutes, does not add any value. Any minutes MUST be read in advance of a meeting, and any exceptions noted in advance.

5. Zero repetition

Avoid repetition of formulae, where people slip into a passive mode. Change the order, do different techniques

6. Right attendees

Do not invite anyone who doesn't need to be there. Sounds obvious, but really ask if they can If you need someone to contribute can they do so via video conference, or submit.

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