Our mission and passion is to ensure all individuals we coach, mentor and train add to the bottom line of their business. In this article we identify ways in which you can increase business revenue and sales, with some simple changes.

1. Identify new clients.

Individually identify new clients. Do it right now, TODAY! Identify at least 10 new clients that you could contact to generate a lead for yourself or sales team. Make sure you action these leads! Either call them yourself or pass onto your sales team.

2. New Products

What new products and services could be easily introduced. These do not even need to be brand new. Think of the supermarkets basic, normal, organic and finest ranges. Can you copy this by introducing levels in the existing services and products, simply by a repackaging?

3. New Markets

The world is a small place, it is so much easier to sell out-with your own border, from the comfort of your own desk via an internet shopping portal. What potential markets exist our there for you? The world's your oyster!

4. Cross Sell

A Cross Sale is when you sell another product or service along with the main product you are selling. eg Buy a TV, purchase a Blue Ray player and HDMI cable at the same time.

5. Up sell.

Here you 'up sell', for example, selling an enhanced term of the service, 12 months instead of 6. Or upgrading to a higher priced product, selling platinum, as opposed to standard, 49" TV not 32"!

6. Referrals.

We have a phrase in the North East of England where I'm from

Shy bairns,
get nowt!.

If you don't ask, you don't get! Ask friend colleagues and family if they can recommend or refer you and your company to someone who would be interested in your services.

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