Here are 5 key essentials to become greener and save yourself and your business money.

1. Print Double Sided

Immediately half paper use by ensuring all printing is double sided.

2. Stop printing

Do you really need to print? Not just internal documents, but invoices, brochures and bills to clients, do they need to be on paper? This saves you money too.

3. Turn off equipment

Unused equipment such as monitors, laptop docking stations, chargers and lights can be powered down or off, or if an eco mode feature exists switch to this.

WARNING - I am not advocating you switching off essential equipment such as servers and plant equipment here!

4. Reduce waste, reduce recycling

Controversial I know, however any waste you produce in the first place needs to be recycled. So preventing the waste to begin with, means you will have less to recycle.

NB - Recycling is important, but tackle the mindset of reducing waste. Everything that comes onto your premises and is not used is waste, that needs to be recycled, or otherwise. Usually at a cost you you.

5. Reduce unnecessary travel.

With today's technology a video or teleconference can be an environmentally friendlier alternative to travelling between sites. Change the mindset that a meeting has to be face to face.

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