Like me I am sure you have attended your fair share of meetings.

These tips will help you avoid the 'what a waste of time feeling' the next time you hold a meeting. Follow these to ensure your avoid attending pointless meetings

1. Ensure everyone has an agenda

Ensure that each attendee has an agenda in advance – this ensures that everyone knows what to expect in the meeting and what contribution is expected from them. It also ensures that you only spend the required time on each subject.

2. Objective driven agenda

When putting an agenda together include objectives/outcomes against each item – this helps to keep the meeting on topic and ensures that actions are taken.

3. Ensure everyone has a voice

Invite quieter attendees to contribute and control the louder ones. This is especially important in large groups as the quieter attendees may well have very valid points that could be drowned out by the more ‘enthusiastic’ contributors.A great way to do this is to distribute post it notes when looking for ideas, get the team to write their ideas down and read out in turn, rather than fight for airtime with high contributors.

4. Summarise actions

Ask attendees to summarise actions throughout the meeting and at the end – this way everybody knows what is expected of them as a result of the meeting and when they need to complete the actions by, this may also form the start of the next meeting agenda.

5. Any other business?

Do not have an agenda item called Any Other Business, as often this takes a long time to cover, and is not objective. If an item is worth covering it should be put on the agenda, with objectives.

6. Put a price on it

Finally if you calculate how much your meeting costs for the venue, to bring everyone together, and lost sales or productivity, this may give the business the motivation to reduce the number of ineffective meetings there are!

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