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Common Queries and Questions

  1. Questions regarding services from evalu8d and resourcily
  2. Queries about this website

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  • Who is evalu8d?  Who is resourcily? Who are anim8d?
    evalu8d is our company, resourcily and anim8d are trading styles of evalu8d. Phil LaViolette is the owner of evalu8d and creator of resourcily and anim8d. Resourcily is our resources portal, anim8d is our content design company
  • Where do you operate?
    We have consultants based all over the UK, in addition we have experience of delivering projects all over the World. Our passports are also up to date and we are great on Zoom!
  • What payments methods do we accept?
    For our open workshops and memberships we use Paypal. We accept payment via BACS or CHAPs.
  • What is our refund policy?
    We offer a money back guarantee and any bookings made are subject to our terms and conditions.

    Terms and Conditions
  • How to I signup for resourcily resources?
    Simply create a new account. Or if already registered just log in. NB the link below takes you to resourcily.com, in a new window

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  • I've forgotten my password?
    Simply reset your password using the link below

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  • I've forgotten my username?
    Simply click on the link below to get your username.

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  • I cannot log into my resources?
    Perhaps clear your browsers cache? Still no luck? If you have tried resetting password and still not having any luck, contact our team.

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  • I cannot see menu's, articles or resources
    If any resources do not show you may need to clear your browser's cache, then log out and back in again. It may be the resources you are trying to access are restricted to you? If you are unsure please drop us an email

    Contact us
  • Can I sign in using social media?
    You can register using social media accounts for example LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can link your resourcily account to social media. Once linked it means if you are signed into social media eg LinkedIn / Facebook, you will automatically sign into resourcily. To link your accounts visit here

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  • How do I sign in?
    You can sign in (log in) here

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  • How do I log out?
    You can log out of your account here

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  • How can I use the resources?
    Resources can be used subject to our terms and conditions. By using our site you agree to these terms.

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